605.201 Introduction to Programming Using Java Assignment 6 Solved

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Write a program that models an employee. An employee has an employee number, a name, an address, and a hire date. A name consists of a first name and a last name. An address consists of a street, a city, a state (2 characters), and a 5-digit zip code. A date consists of an integer month, day and year. All fields are required to be non-blank. The Date fields should be reasonably valid values (ex. month 1-12, day 1-31, year > 1900 and < 2020). Issue appropriate error messages when incorrect data is entered.
Create an Employee, a Name, an Address, and a Date classes in your solution. You may use the Date class from the lectures or define your own. The Java-supplied Date class cannot be used. Provide appropriate class constructors, getter methods, setter methods, toString() and any other methods you think are necessary. To keep things simple, your classes don’t need to do any editing of data. The classes should not do any direct user input/output. All user input/output will be done in the main method.
Your program should prompt the user to enter data for several employees, store the data in an array of type Employee, and then display the data.
Be sure to comment your code and use the course code formatting style.
Submit the source code for each class, and a screen capture of the program’s output, in a zip file named as follows: Assignment6, followed by an underscore (_), followed by your first name initial, followed by your last name. For example, if your name is Jane Smith your zip file would be Assignment6_jsmith.zip. Please be sure to comment your source code.

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