CST407 HW#2 Solved

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  1. (90 Pts) Write a program for a CST 116 or CST 126 or C# or Verilog class. The program will implement SDES. The program prompts the user for choice of encrypt or decrypt. It will next prompt for the appropriate 8-bit input (plaintext or ciphertext dependent on encrypt or decrypt). It will also prompt for the 10-bit key. The output is an 8-bit ciphertext (encrypt) or plaintext (decrypt). It will ALSO output Key1 and Key2.



  1. (10 Pts) Each member of the team assesses him or herself. Provide the percentage of work each has contributed to the assignment. No work is 0%; half of work is 50%; all the work is 100% etc…


Due date: Demonstrate/check-off in class, 5th week.

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