CSE443 Homework1- project LinearSolverDeluxe Solved

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Question 1 : You have been hired by the company “Numerical Solutions Inc” and you are in charge of their new project “LinearSolverDeluxe”.

The project’s objective is to design and implement a Java application with a single functionality: it admits as input from the user  a system of linear equations and outputs its solution, if it exists, or an error message otherwise.

The customer:

  • wants the software to support at least two methods of solving linear equations: Gaussianelimination and matrix inversion.
  • wants to be able to change between solving methods dynamically.
  • might need more functionalities in the future (e.g. determinant calculation, etc).

You will:

  • Provide the class diagrams with the appropriate arrows and contents (in detail; all the methods andvariables involved with the appropriate access rights), that satisfies the customer’s requirements; strive for maximum flexibility, loose coupling and minimize maintenance costs!
  • Implement in Java the above software (user interfacing technique, way of admitting input, way ofoutputting, that’s all up to you).

Question 2 : after the last project, you were fed up with numerical analysis, and on the spur of the moment, you quit your job. After a few weeks of lurking at your sofa and watching depressive netflix series, you get a brilliant idea that no one has ever thought of before!

Everybody has their own list of favorite websites. But nobody wants to check them daily n times to see if they have been updated with new content (content = either text, photographs or audio)! Wouldn’t it be great if you could subscribe to your favorite website, and the websites somehow notified the subscribers of new content? So much wow, such originality! Doge is impressed. You’re certain that you’ll make millions from this and all major websites will support it!

However, as a seasoned professional (who has never heard of RSS) you must make sure that:

  • it’s trivial to add and remove subscribers, as it’ll happen often
  • a subscriber can be in the form of any software using your library. So your API must be easy touse.
  • a subscriber might be interested in only new text updates, or photograph updates or audio updatesor a combination thereof. There is no need to disturb them if the update is not of the desired type. What kind of a design would support this?
  • What if users or websites demand your software to support a fourth type of content? Will it beeasy to modify? It better be.

You will:

  • Provide the class diagrams with the appropriate arrows and contents (in detail, all the methods andvariables involved with the appropriate access rights), that satisfy the design requirements; strive for maximum flexibility, loose coupling and minimum cost of maintenance!

Question 3 ): The last project didn’t do well on the market. You quit freelancing and you are now employed by ZırhSan A.Ş, a private company specializing in the design and production of exoskeleton armored suits for military personnel, equipped with various custom weapons.

There are 3 basic types of suits: dec (500k TL, 25kg), ora (1500k TL, 30kg) and tor (5000k TL, 50kg).

Each of these suits can be equipped with the following accessories:

  • Flamethrower (50k TL per item, 2k)
  • AutoRifle (30k TL per item, 1.5kg)
  • RocketLauncher (150k TL per item, 7.5kg)
  • Laser (200k TL per item, 5.5kg)

A customer can demand any custom combination of accessories: such as a dec suit with 1 flamethrower, 2 automatic rifles and 1 rocket launcher.

Your task is to develop a piece of software in Java able to calculate the total cost and weight of an equipped suit (total price = basic suit price + prices of the accessories). The user of the software should be able to designate any combination of accessories dynamically at runtime. Your design should be flexible and easy to accommodate new accessories and suit types.

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