CS 240A : Databases and Knowledge Base Homework #4 Solved

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Question 1
Now EHist(Eno, Sal, Title, From, To)is a concrete view that stores the transaction time history for the relation EMP(Eno, Sal, Title). The concrete view must be maintained by active DB2 rules. Please write those rules (testing optional).

Question 2
Many airports use a complex conveyor system to deliver luggage to their destination. Some pieces of luggage end up going around in a cyclic pattern. We have sensors at each location producing a sequence: events(itemNo; SensorNo; SensorType; Time) You must write a query to detct items that are going around in a cycle, i.e., they have returned to the same location within one day. Many objects do not move fast, so the sensor might produce consecutive readings of the same object even if this is not in a cycle. Express your query using the proposed new SQL standards.

Question 3
Do problem 11.2 from the ADS textbook. What is the z-value of the pixel (11, 00) in Figure 11.4? What is its Hilbert value?

Question 4
Write an SQL query that constructs the SalesCube for the following table as the sum of the Sales in every

cars(Model; Color; Y ear; Dealer; Sales)

Question 5
Assuming that the SalesCube above is constructed by sorting the table cars compute how many sorts are required and list them all.

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