CPT121 Task 2.3.3. Practice Exercises -Methods Solved

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Task 2.3.3 Practice Exercises – Methods

1.Write a program which the user to enter the number of days in the month, prompts the user to enter the minimum and maximum temperature for each day in the month and calculates / displays the following statistics:

  • Average maximum and minimum temperatures across the month
  • Highest and lowest maximum temperature for the month
  • Highest and lowest minimum temperature for the month
  • Number of days with a maximum above the average temperature for the month

In this version of the program the code for calculating the highest, lowest and average temperature for maximum and minimum temperatures should be broken out into separate helper methods within the same class your main method is in.

These methods should accept an array as a parameter, perform the necessary calculation and return result obtained back to the caller (main method).

The mian() method should then call these helper methods where needed and store / use / display the result they return.

The main method should then use these new helper methods to calculate the necessary figures and store / display the results to the screen.

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