C++ Programming Homework 7 Solved

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● For all these problems, use STL containers, iterators, algorithms, and (perhaps) some functions or function objects.
● Write a program that counts the frequency of occurance of each word in the input file while excluding certain common words.
○ (30 points) Store each word in a map. The key is the word and the value is the count of the number of times the word appears in the input text.
○ (30 points) Define a word exclusion set containing words such as a, an, or, the, and, and but. Before entering a word in the map, make sure it is not present in the exclusion set. Display the list of words and their associated count when reading of the text file is complete. Or better yet, initialize this list from a named
● (40 points) Write a program that reads a sequence of integers from a file (or from cinif you prefer). It should sort them, then write the odd ones to one file (separated by a space), then write the even ones to another file, one per line.
● Note you can use ifstream and ofstream for creating I/O streams bound to name files and use stream iterators for reading and writing the named files.