Assignment 6 Solved

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This assignment is built using the code from Assignment 5.
In this assignment create a separate serialized file using ObjectOutputStream for each student.
File should contain student’s score and statistics for entire class.
Using debug mode (with Debug flag) print the contents of the serialized file.
Create and implement an interface to:
  1. Print student statistics.
  2. Print scores for a given student id.
  3. implement the Debug flag globally
Use an abstract class to implement all the methods declared in an interface.
Submitting your work (15 Points)

Before submitting your work, please reflect on following points:

  1. No errors, program always works correctly and meets the  specification(s) (2 points).
  2. The code could be reused as a whole or each routine could be  reused (2 points).
  3. Following concepts are applied – Serialization, Interfaces and Abstract Class are applied. (7 points)
  4. Need to follow Java coding conventions (1 points).
  5. Code Readability (as suggested in class) (1 points).
  6. Adequately tested (unique test cases, covering boundary conditions) (1 points).
  7. Class diagram is provided (UML usage is not required) (1 points)