Assignment 1 – VP of Sales at Nvidia Inc Program Solved

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VP of Sales at Nvidia Inc wants to system so she can
a. Track sales of 3 products (GTX, Titan and 1080ati), for three quarter in 2017(q1, q2, q3) and three geographies in US(West, North and South).
b. Print a report for the following:
1. Total sales for any product (take user input) across all geographies and all quarters).
2. Total sales for any quarter (take user input) for all product and all geographies).
3. Total sales for any geography (take user input) for all products and all quarters).
Design – 
Structured Programming – Structure Chart
public class SalesApp {
public static void ShowMenu() { }
public static void Enterdata() { }
public static void TotalSalesbyProduct() { }
public static void TotalSalesbyQuarter() { }
public static void TotalSalesbyGeography() { }
public static void EndProgram() { System.exit(0); }
public static void main(String [] args)
double totalSales [][][] = new double [3][3][3];
//create a menu for user to select option
//Header showing your project description.
//Menu of services (Load data, opt1, opt2, opt3, end) <–Loop
Submitting the lab
.java file, test cases (in a text file), structure chart –> compressed file
[.tar, zip etc] – [email protected]
Testing – 
Run your program as if you would use as a normal user.
Also run it if you end up with an “abnormal user” – Steve Krugg – Don’t make me think. This is referring to negative testing.